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Quality Residential and Commercial Precast Fences and Concrete Retaining Walls

Getting an attractive and affordable stone privacy wall used to be a trade-off. The expense of custom masonry or rockwork can be prohibitive to many, while affordable alternatives like vinyl fencing, wood, or chain link don’t deliver the durability or look desired.

Now you don’t have to settle. Verti-Crete precast offers two-sided, patterned concrete products that look as great as their prices.

Residential and Commercial Precast Fences and Retaining Walls

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Homeowners love the realistic stone textures and colors of Verti-Crete privacy fences. The concrete design is available in a variety of patterns to match most architectural styles and all can be custom-stained to match a home and its environment. Neighbors, too, will appreciate that the look is consistent on both sides of the wall. And unlike other concrete wall brands, Verti-Crete privacy walls feature seamless concrete panels and post corners for a realistic stone look from every angle.

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Retaining Blocks


For retaining walls and other landscape projects, nothing stacks up quite like Verti-Block. Unique in size, shape, and flexibility of use, Verti-Block is an ideal solution for residential and commercial projects alike.

Unique size and design
Verti-Block is perfectly proportioned for the most popular types of landscaping projects. Its hollow design makes it easy to handle and is more cost effective than small, solid blocks. Plus, it is much more practical than extra-large retaining products; Verti-Block is the only solution offering the advantages of hollow blocks at this convenient size.

Engineered for strength
Even more appealing, Verti-Block is incredibly strong and versatile thanks to its interlocking design. Featuring a tongue-and-groove style connection, Verti-Block units ensure you’ll get a secure fit with the correct amount of setback on every installation. It is perfect for landscape projects big and small


Verti-Block is ideal for a variety of landscaping projects including residential communities, commercial campuses, schools, parks, back yards, and more. Unlike large blocks which become unwieldy and cannot accommodate tight curves, Verti-Block is designed to add interesting dimension to any landscape while securely retaining earth.

A look like no other
Beyond its structural purpose, Verti-Block is a favorite of property owners for its beautiful rockwork look. Only Verti-Block showcases a 5-inch depth of relief, hiding joints, and making a finished wall appear more like stacked stone than any other block in the industry. Plus, Verti-Block is easily stained to complement its surroundings with a beautiful, weather-resistant finish.

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