Why Verti-Crete of Toronto?

The difference in Verti-Crete products stands out—quite literally. Most precast manufacturing processes are simply inferior to Verti-Crete’s vertical precast form system. The finish product comes out beautiful without blemishes, strong without defects, and cost effective.

Specifically here are 3 reasons why you should choose Verti-Crete of Toronto for your next fencing or retaining wall project.


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1. Realistic Masonry Design


The textures and colors fit your project. Not only that, but our walls, fences, and retaining blocks are beautifully created without blemishes, bubbles, or other imperfections.

From the moment you see them Verti-Crete’s precast products showcase quality and attention to detail. Every pattern we offer has been molded from the actual stones and masonry techniques they represent. You’ll see the finest, most realistic details—from the texture of natural rock to the grout joints in between.

Because of our patented production system, Verti-Crete products have seamless finishes on panel facings (both front and back) and around column corners. Don’t be fooled, competitive products often times have abrupt ended patterns or sloppy edges of unfinished concrete. The competitors simply don’t stack up to Verti-Crete’s products which are smooth, uninterrupted, and are far less likely to have bubbles or pits.

In addition, contractors and homeowners can select from a beautiful variety of stone patterns available. Most producers offer textures that complement the environment and style of the area. And all Verti-Crete precast products can be custom-stained to complement its surroundings.

beautiful precast fence

2. Durability of Precast Concrete Products

Simply put, concrete products stand the test of time. What won’t happen is any denting, corrosion or fading from UV damage like most natural or synthetic options.

Wood, vinyl, or fiberglass fencing just doesn’t compare to the beauty and durability of Verti-Crete’s precast products.

The sturdiness of precast walls is an added benefit in high-traffic areas where bumps and scrapes might be common. Verti-Crete products can stand up to heavy wear and tear, harsh weather, and seasonal climate changes.

precast fence with gate

3. The Value of Precast Concrete Products

Precast products from Verti-Crete are affordable! Despite the fences and retaining walls looking like a million bucks, they are actually very competitively priced when compared many construction materials such as wood, vinyl, or stone masonry.

How is this the case? 1. Material costs are low due to the Verti-Crete patented system. 2. Verti-Crete products are designed for easy installation which means our walls require fewer footings than competitive products and overall less labor, less equipment, and ultimately less cost.

But the value lasts long past the up-front costs. Because Verti-Crete products are so durable, there’s rarely a need for maintenance or repair. The products won’t fade in the sun and can withstand harsh weather changes, so they’ll stay looking great. An investment in Verti-Crete products is one property owners are sure to be happy with for decades to come.